Main platform - App

To let people shares their nightmares immediately, we are going to develop an app for The Sea of Night!

For general public:
-The platform offer the basic nightmare information
-Post your nightmares and search the similar nightmares from other people.
-Send visualization request to your favorite artist.

For visual artist:
-Enrich your portfolio and let people know about you!
-Get the fee from visualization request.
User interface/User experience design are completed. Now is in the process of developing!


Nightmare Diary

The special diary for recording nightmares! You can write and draw on the customized inner pages. One A5 diary includes basic information, instructions and 10 nightmares for you to write.


Square Stickers

The small stickers are coming! Besides the basic style, we are designing more options for everyone!

Interaction Tote Bag

A bag which you can increase interaction with people! When someone see the words on your bag, he might as you something!