Secret Club

My friend took me to a wooden door and took out a horizontal note with short words. It didn't look like a special professional note. He would face the word side towards the wooden door. I do n’t know. Where did the gap let them know, the person on the other side of the wooden door opened it for us, and the dim interior greeted the eyes, forming a stark contrast with the bright natural light outside, but I can still see many people inside, Some people are talking in circles, some people are doing indoor sports or games. Although everyone is doing different things, there must be something in common that makes them gather here today. After walking back and forth in the room for a while, I stood not far from the wooden door and looked at the interior of the club. There was a glass game room on the left rear, the sofa chat area on the side near the left, and the open area on the right. There is a machine that is much taller than humans, but not as high as the ceiling, because this indoor space is high, but a long space, in addition to the above-mentioned activity space, there are many different spaces to the left and right.

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