Fool's Day

This is a white world. The buildings, roads, and cars are all white. I cannot see the buildings in the distance. They seem to be covered by a thin layer of white gauze. I thought it was a snowy day, but In fact, there is no snow, and the air is very thin, and it will gradually feel suffocating. I walked the street with three friends, two of whom are my best friends, Miss N and S, and the other is I recently met Mr. D from the United States. We have a good relationship and we have the same values ​​and View of things. We laughed and jubilantly walked on the uninhabited street, as if there were only four of us in the world. Ms. N chatted with Mr. D with the voice of Jiao Didi. Although today is the first time they met, she likes to be familiar with boys , Ms. S and I whispered Ms. N's behavior, we are all very accustomed to her, we looked at each other, holding hands in a tacit understanding together while Ms. N and Mr. D ran away, I only remember the last glance When I glanced at Miss N's face, her expression was a very big laugh, and for me it was the ugly face of a girl who loved to dress well.


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